Market Day

Every year, at the end of the odd semester in December, the students can be seen pacing around the school ground busily preparing for Market Day. The school is decorated with various booth stands with exceptional decorations, full of sweet to savory foods and beverages for Market Day.

Market day is a special program in which we encouraged and facilitated our students to promote their entrepreneurship skill.

In this fast-modern world, entrepreneurship is an essential skill to have. It engages our students with real-world problems, develops critical thinking, and broadens their practical skills.Al Mazaya Islamic School plays a crucial role in providing our students a setting where they can underpin creativity, innovation and collaboration into entrepreneurial activities, such as Market Day.

This year, Market Day was held on 14-15th December for Junior High School and on 19-20th December for Senior High School. The theme for this year is “Culinary”, each class was given two tasks to complete. The first task was to create and sell traditional or modern delicacies. The second task was to create a theme for their booth stands and decorate it accordingly. They were obliged to make the delicacies and the stand as creative and innovative as they could. The students were also required to manage their finances from the expenses to profits, and create a financial report.

This event is open for public. Families, friends and alumnus were present to enliven the atmosphere. The bustling crowd was extremely busy during lunch time, one of our students’ parents even invited his colleagues for lunch there.

“Our child worked so hard to prepare this event, I’m proud to see that she is capable of managing this with her classmates. I had brought my friends here so she can make a big profit.” said one of the parents happily.

The event ended with the announcement of the winners as a token of appreciation to all the students. The winners were chosen from the categories: The best decorated stand, the best costumed stand, the best-selling stand, the best teamwork stand, the cleanest stand, and the overall best stand. “With this event, we hope that our students can establish a strong sense of independence, responsibility, togetherness, cohesiveness and creativity to make them a better individual.” expressed Ms. Nurul, the vice principal of students’ affairs.