Exciting Field Trip

Several times a year, our students from all grades participated in field trips. Field trips arranged by the school bring academic subjects to life, raise societal awareness and develop students’ fundamental life skills. It’s a stimulating way for our students,

to practically apply their studies in the classroom into a real-world situation while exploring the country. The aim of these field trips is to develop the skills and sense of courage which will enable our students to overcome and thrive on every challenge they are faced in their lives, and be an individual that can make a positive difference to the world around.

Our field trips are often done under two categories, field trips arranged by the school under the Super Camp program and field trips arranged by a team of teachers for a particular subject. To immerse our students in these field trips, they must follow and complete the 3 steps prepared by the team of teachers, preparation, activities and follow-up activity. In preparation, our students must learn about the destination and subject related to the field trips. During the activity, students fill in the worksheets provided by observing, conducting research or interview. Follow-up activities are discussions held in the classroom once the field trip is completed.

The South Kalimantan region offers a variety of incredible landscapes and local wisdom to be explored. Our field trips are mainly focused within this region since we want our students to enhance their knowledge on the local culture, embrace the local community, and develop a unique perspective. We ensured that itinerary given is adjusted to suit the specific requirements and learning objectives.

Last February, under the Super Camp program, our students went on a field trip to ‘Kampung Sayur’ in Liang anggang subdistrict, and ‘Tambang Intan’ in Cempaka subdistrict, both located within Banjarbaru city. From this field trip our students get involved in exciting practical math, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history and economy surrounding the two places.  It allowed them to take an active role in the community whilst also experienced a memorable learning outside of the classroom experience. 

In November last year, we took our students on a field trip, under the Super Camp program, to ‘Pasar Terapung’, ‘Pulau Curiak’ and the historical ‘Masjid Sultan Suriansyah’. On their visit to Pasar Terapung, they were given the opportunity to learn about the importance of sustainability and preserving the hundreds year-old tradition. Whilst, in Pulau Curiak, we helped our students to become environmentally conscious by focusing their study on Mangrove and Bekantan conservation. And on their visit to Masjid Sultan Suriansyah, they learned more about Islamic History of Banjar Culture.

“The field trips provided by the school were well-planned and engaging. It helps us grasp complex concepts in each subject by providing us with practical experiences in action,” said one of the students.