English Talent Show

On Friday, August 25th, Al Mazaya Islamic School hosted its monthly English Talent Show held on the school ground. This show features a diverse range of performances by our talented students in singing, traditional dancing, drama, speech, poetry, story-telling, talk show and tilawah Al-Quran.

This talent show is a great way to showcase our students’ talents, build their confidence, and bring the school community together.

This month, it’s the time for our brilliant 9th grade students to show off their exceptional skills. Students assembled together to create the most fun and inspiring performances ever. Junior high schoolers and senior high schoolers had the opportunity to watch the show and cheered the performers. And not only the students, the school is also packed with parents of performing students came to watch their beloved children on the stage.

The event opened with welcoming speech from Ms. Waheni and Ms. Diah, principals of Al Mazaya Islamic Junior High School and Senior High School respectively.

Principal of Al Mazaya Junior High School in her speech said, “This is the chance to discover your passions, whether it’s dancing, singing, drama etc. Be confident and make sure to give out your best and make your parents, teachers, and friends proud.”

Performance after performance, the audience was sent into a frenzy, unable to contain their enthusiastic scream and applause.

The show ended with the announcement of the winners in five categories. The first category, the best speaker, was won by one of today’s host, which was Zaza from 9.3. She showed the audience a great example of professionalism in hosting the show.  The second category, the best performance, was won individually by Rara from 9.2. Having performed in singing, traditional dancing to drama, she executed all her roles perfectly.  The third category, the best artist, was won by Choky from 9.2. He gave the audience the most emotional singing performance.

And the last two winners for the best costume and the best class were 9.1 and 9.2. The two classes achieved the highest overall scores for individual and team performances. Loud cheer can be heard from the winners and even, everyone presents to congratulate them.

The representative student from 9.2 said, “We actually didn’t think that we would win. We didn’t have any expectation; we just tried our best and have fun together.” On the other hand, one of the parents commented, “It’s heartwarming to see the kids performed enthusiastically. To think that they were capable to perform confidently like this is shocking to me as a parent who can only witness my child singing in the bedroom or bathroom.”